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zondag 2 augustus 2015


 I had my eye on this beauty for a while now.
So when I finally came across a Sephora counter I could not leave this behind.
The Urban Decay Naked "On the run" palette. A perfect combination of make-up.
I don't have to tell you anything I guess.. You must have seen this trending item all over internet now!

I've made these pictures on the beach in Barcelona.

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vrijdag 31 juli 2015


 New products! On my vacation I took these products from Boots with me.

 Soltan Protect & Moisturise Face Cream SPF50+

This specially developed face cream is light & non pore blocking, provides up to 8 hours of moisturisation and includes a patented anti-aging complex. All Soltan sun protection products have been awarded a maximum five-star rating against deep-down skin damage caused by UVA rays.
I love this! it's really hard to find a spf for the face that doesn't' get greasy. This one is perfect and the fragrance in it is also very pleasant.

Soltan Protect & Moisturise spray SPF30 

This light & easily absorbed spray provides long-lasting moisturisation for silky-soft skin, helping to reduce dryness and prevent peeling. All Soltan sun protection products have been awarded a maximum five-star rating against deep-down skin damage caused by UVA rays.
Not the biggest fan of this one. It has a weird smell.. and the bottle broke after using it for the second time on my vacation.
Soothing aftersun gel.
This gentle cooling gel provides intense hydration to sun-exposed skin. Enriched with Aloe Vera it soothes, reduces dryness and helps to prevent peeling, for a long lasting beautiful tan.
This fragrance is also very pleasant. I like to use this after an bodyoil because a gel is not enough for me after showering.

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woensdag 29 juli 2015


This was my first time ever using a self-tanning spray. I really like the result! So natural and so healthier looking. Better for the skin as a solarium.
Yes I have a tinted skin-tone but I can get as pale as everyone can gets. Specially in wintertimes.
Since a few years I take a few trips to the solarium. But we all know how bad that is for the skin.
So how about self tanning? 
How will that come out on my skin-tone? And would it be natural?
And how long will it lasts?

How to use:
* Shake the bottle before using.
* Use a towel above your clothing.
* Spray the texture on your skin
*Wait 10 seconds.
 * Then go with circle motions on the skin.

The natural tanning spray conforms to the latest EU regulations on cosmetic products. It is dermatologically tested and is used daily by hairdressers, skin specialists and artists. Thanks to the natural tanning spray, you do not come into contact with the harmful UV rays of the sun or a tanning bed. The product is suitable for all skin types and the entire body.
What I love about the product is that it has ingredients that are good for the skin.
It has no damage. The product is enriched with vegetable, nourishing and authentic ingredients including Aloe Vera and Ginkgo.

The results without make-up

Te result with make-up:

How long did it lasts?

It lasts for at least 3 days. Thats for a optimal result.
Is so easy and it looks so natural! I never used a selftanner before and I must honestly say I was a bit optimistic.But yes, definitely will keep using this at the beginning of the summer.
I hope that I won't need it much longer.

I also received a glove that is easy to use. Perfect for legs and stuff. That is not included in the set but you can buy that for €9,95

I am very positive about the Marc Ibane Natural Tanning Spray.
This travel set costs €39,95.

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zaterdag 25 juli 2015


 Feet. A part of your body that you can easily forget about to give it some extra care.
But we all want to look cute in our sandals right?! Summer had officially started so there is no way back. There are so many different products you can use.
I've selected different products from different brands.
 I love to take a foot bath now and then. In my younger years I always saw my mom taking care of her feet like that so for my it's very obvious to do the same. And it's so relaxing. you always feel better afterwords. Specially after a busy day (of shopping or a day at the beach) you feel extra comfortable with clean feet in the bed. And who doesn't love a cute color on the nails?
Now that the summer has started you get to show your feet more and more.
You can go for a full routine or just a simple step to make a difference.


Kruidvat Callus Socks
I've heard so much about the callus socks from Kruidvat. 
The special gel looses hard skin immediately and stimulates the production of new skin cells.
The thing is.. because of my two holiday's I've didn't tried it yet because I don't want to look silly..
But I can wait to try this! When I get some great results I will definitely let you know.

Yves Rocher Lavender Effervescent Tablets.
I always like to add some product in the water. Sometimes that can be a showercream but I mostly like to use tablets. This one from Yves Rocher is very relaxing because of the lavander.

Pierre Ricoud Nus Pieds 
Very reftreshing! When you add this in the water you get foam straight away.
Definitely one of my favorites!

 Step 2: SCRUB 

Sparitual sugar scrub
This is acctually a full-body scrub but I also like to use this for my feet.
A little spa moment. The fragrance is very heavy though..

Collistar Smoothing footscrub.
This is an important beauty and wellness treatment for absolutely impeccable feet. This is thanks to a special formula rich in active ingredients and the special pumice stone applicator, which bolsters the exfoliating effect of the pumice and quartz powders to guarantee a ‘dual action scrub’.
I really like this product and I use this a few times  a week.

Step 3: SCHOLL

The Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File is an electric hard skin remover for the professional removal of hard and tough skin at home. Its roller surface furnished with microgranulates removes hard skin in minutes and softens the soles of your feet in one use. Gadget includes one roller head, extra roller heads are available for purchase separately. I am a big fan of this!

Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum
Intense Hydrating Serum for your feet with visible results.

With Hyaluronic acid, Green Cavisr and Pentavitin. The fragrance is also very pleasant.


Pierre Recaud Nus Pieds Nourishing Foot Cream
Over time, dry, rough patches of skin grow worse because skin regeneration slows down. Our foot care line combines comfort with high-performing active ingredients specifically designed for the skin on your feet.
Works very well! And this product is very budget-friendly.

Aveda Foot Relief
A very rich and intense product. 
If your feet have it rough, treat them to a soothing creme blended with exfoliating fruit acids and plant-derived oils like jojoba and castor. Even tough, stressed feet are smoothed, cooled and moisture-charged.
-Intensively hydrates
-Invigorates sore, tired feet and legs
-Softens and smoothes calluses and dry patches
-Helps deodorize with lavender and rosemary oils
-Certified organic

Gamila Secret Foot Balm
Gamila Secret Foot Balm contains 100% natural combination of the purest first pressed vegetable oils, combined with Gamila`s secret herbal formula offers you a balm with a natural mint fragrance. This intensively hydrating, optimum moisturising treatment helps soothe, soften and revitalise dry feet. the perfect formula for hardened, irritated skin and aching, tired feet.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream
A prescription for relief and well-being. Rich in nourishing shea butter (15%) and containing antiseptic A.O.C. lavender essential oil to purify, and anti-inflammatory arnica extract to help reduce redness and irritation, this cream moisturises and relieves irritated and tired feet.
This smells so lovely! Like lavender. My boyfriend is also a big fan of this product.

Yves Rocher Foot Relief Balm
Also much heard ingredients:
- Organic lavender essential oil for the well-being and comfort of your feet
- Shea butter for its restorative action


ESSIE "Ridge Filling:" I need this nail polish every time I do my nails because I don't have smooth nails at all. Even as a base coat this is perfect for me.

Bobbi Brown "Nude" from the Sandy Nudes Collection.
Seriously the perfect nude for the toes. (or hands of course)

Kure Bazaar " Essenziale " An all-time favorite. The quality of this brand is outstanding.
It's less harmful for the nails than most polishes.
Caption " Rough, Tough and in the buff " If you'r in for some shimmer but not to heavy this is perfect. Caption nail polish last longer on the nails than most polishes do. Get the best result with the Caption base-and-topcoat.

So, I hope you liked this big article about feet care and home pedicure.
After this no more shame for showing your feet on the beach this summer!

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donderdag 23 juli 2015


A while a go at this event, I've met the 2 persons behind the brand Abel. Frances and dave, such a sweet people!

The story:
Unable (pun intented) to find an organic perfume that smelt and looked great, Amsterdam based New Zealander Frances Shoemack (with the help of her husband Dave) decided to create one.
Former winemaker frances collaborated with local and international experts to develop what is quite possibly the world's first 100% organic perfume.
From Sao Paulo-based master perfumer Isaac Sinclair to Amsterdam based wood artisan Jurre Slijkerman and many more.
United by a desire to do something different, better.

And so Abel was born, named with a nod to the Dutch adventurer Abel tasman- the first European to discover New Zealand in 1642.

Abel's two fragrances Vintage'13 and Tonic are both limited aditions and are now sold in selected stores across Europe and beyond.

About Tonic: "Lively, crisp and jaunty, Tonic by Abel is a mojito inpired fragrance with salty top notes of Lime, peppermint,bergamot, a backbone of classic vetiver
and a silky caramelised wood dry down."

Full Ingredients

Lime Oil, Bergamot oil, Peppermints oil, Vetiver oil, Ginger extrract, Indian geranium oi, West Indian Sandalwood oil,
Vanilla absolute, Grian alcohol (good grade)

Handcrafted oregon Pine casting made from old Amsterdam canal beams protects Tonic heat and light damage.

1693 botles worldwide so it's very exclusive! It's unisex so you can share this in the bathroom with le boyfriend ;)

Availible at Skins Cosmetics Netherlands.

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